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Stop worrying about messy data.

Make your software work for you.

We’re building the tools for you to automatically and accurately merge data from varying formats and quality into the software systems used to run your operations.

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Make input data with differing formats, labeling, etc. conform to the way your system (CRM, CMMS, ERP, etc.) needs it to be, automatically. 

Automatic Data Unification

Spend less time on spreadsheets.

Our Artificial Intelligence system automatically understands your data, processes it, and reformats it for integration into your critical business systems. No spreadsheet wrangling. No coding or scripting. No more mindless copying data from one system to another. Let Kona Data handle the integration, while you handle your business

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Assisted Data Cleaning

Clean up discrepancies and exclude bad data across data sources with minimal effort. 

Ensure Accuracy and Consistency. Kona Data scans through your data to identify potential data quality issues. No more flying blind. With Kona Data, you can rest easy making sure you have accurate, reliable data.

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